About us

So Zen Spa is a beauty and wellness delivery service. Our mission is to help people integrate beauty and well-being into their busy lives by delivering the highest quality of beauty and wellness services to customers in the most convenient way possible. We want to leave our customers feeling rejuvenated and happy. We provide on-site spa services for bridal parties and corporate clients provided in your home, office, hotel room or wherever you are!

So Zen Spa helps customers look and feel their best--whether you've had a long day at work and want a massage therapist to work out the stress in your neck and back, or you have a date and don't have time to run around town to get all the services you need to be ready for that special evening--why not have a blowout and mani-pedi right in your office?  Are you pregnant or have kids and can't get to the salon to keep up with your appearance?  If you call us, we will come pamper you wherever you are.

SO Zen Spa is an small independent business based in Boston, Massachusetts.  We work only with experienced technicians who are all fully licensed and insured.


On-Site Spa services